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Mariana Funes


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I am an experienced cognitive coach who supports people in developing a skilful mind. I am an author and chartered research psychologist working towards becoming an open educator. After teaching in many formal university settings, I am now exploring teaching and learning in online spaces. I have a background in artificial intelligence research and business psychology.

I am an independent researcher and writer. I work as a part time lecturer teaching Masters level students about people and organisational development. I am passionate about self managed learning and have been facilitating learning groups offline for over 20 years. I also work as business psychologist coaching individuals and top teams through transition and post-conventional thinking.

I discovered Open Education in 2012 and have started the process of becoming an open educator online. I will teach and coach online using a donation only model - this may take a while as I am terrified at the idea of letting go of control! A practice as an 8 precept buddhist supports the changes.

"Always a mind-full, trying to be mindful"


What I Do

A practitioner's practitioner: able, insightful and effective

  • coaching
    Cognitive Coaching

    People often ask me what kinds of things they might use coaching for. My experience is mainly working with people in business, but the issues people bring play out in the whole of life. Here are some examples from past clients.

  • teaching

    I have focussed my whole career on the structure of skilful conversation and mindful attention, which I see as the essence of my teaching and coaching practice.

  • learning

    My aim is to become and open educator and recast my work as open educational resources

Books and Articles


Challenging conventional wisdom - always writing from the ‘wrong’ side.

  • Lived Time

    "Lived Time" is a holistic guide to time management, providing a series of techniques to improve our understanding and control of time throughout our daily lives. The book is designed to re-educate the reader's sense of time to enable them to achieve the work-life balance they strive for.

  • Laughing Matters

    Everyone knows intuitively that laughter is good for us. 'Laughing Matters' is for anyone who wants to have more laughter in his or her life. It makes us rethink our attitude to laughter as a fundamental human response, and it provides practical experiments and strategies to help us laugh more.

  • Honing Your Knowledge Skills

    Technology and organizational structures are transforming the workplace, but management skills have not yet caught up. Honing Your Knowledge Skills looks at how to define knowledge working and identifies the practical skills of knowledge management needed by line managers.

Published Papers

Lockridge, R., Levine A. and Funes, M. ‘A DS106 Thing Happened on the Way to the 3M Tech Forum’ To be presented at OER14: building communities of open practice, April 2014.

Dowlen, A., Funes M., and Smith A. ‘Are we getting it right? Critically reflecting on our set adviser practice.’ Action Learning: Research and practice, 2008.

Funes, M. and Darling P. ‘No Brag, Just Facts’ Creating the business case for People and Organisational development at Morgan Stanley, Organisations and People, 2008.

Funes, M. Bridging: ‘The Essence of Creativity’. In Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Creativity and Innovation. Eds: Jon Buijs, Remko van der Lugt, Han van der Meer, 2003.

You can find a full bibliography and papers to download on my account at Mendeley.

On the Web

Online Presence

Examples of how I use the open web to support my teaching and coaching practice as well as my own learning.


Please feel free to visit some of the websites I am connected with through work or play or both

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Given retreat and writing commitments, I can only work with 10 people at any given time.

Please, be patient. If my coaching practice is full and we decide to work together I will put your name on a waiting list, let you know where in the waiting list your name is and call you as soon as a place opens up.

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